Repairs & Maintenance

AMS Haden has it’s own dedicated workshop. We are able to do assessments on products needing calibration and repairs and are best able to advise customers accordingly. We offer in-house calibration services on various products and we liaise very efficiently with our local laboratories and our overseas suppliers.


At AMS Haden, we provide the best possible after sales support to our customers, which includes training. This training is done primarily by our workshop personnel, who not only understands the inner working of the instruments but also their applications.


AMS Haden is well known in the industry and we have been called on to provide advice on many projects. We extensively network with industry leaders as well as academics to provide solutions to our customers.


On certain product lines, our customers have the option to rent the instrumentation, subject to credit application being approved by AMS Haden.

Other Services

  • Design and Manufacturing of Health and Safety Products, Devices and Systems (OEM Company).
  • Complete Monitoring and Control Systems for the Mine, Health and Safety Industry (IOT).
  • Mining Illumination Verification Products and Systems.
  • Refuge Bay Equipment, Emergency Systems, Complete Refuge Bay Kits and Compressed Air Silencers.
  • Laboratory Telemetry, Monitoring and Control Systems.
  • Sampling Pumps and Cylinders.
  • Intrinsically Safe Telemetry Products and Systems.
  • Digital Velocity Meter Test Tunnels and Verification Systems.
  • General Custom Designs - Electronic Signs, Production, Safety Screens and SCADA Systems.
  • Occupational Hygiene Products and Systems.
  • Mine Ventilation Products and Systems.
  • Intelligent Gas Detection Instrumentation and Systems.
  • Wireless Fire Detection and Telemetry Systems.
  • Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Dust Suppression and Detection Systems. • Lamp room Management, Equipment and Systems.
  • Fibre Backbones and Communication Systems. • Intelligent Miners Cap lamps and Chargers.
  • Active and Passive Personnel Asset Tracking and Tagging Systems.
  • Ventilation on Demand and Environmental Monitoring Systems.
  • On-site Full Maintenance and Management Services.
  • GSM Monitoring and Control Systems.
  • Solar, Battery Backup and Power Solution Systems.
  • On and Off site calibration of Systems and Products.
  • Laboratory Sampling and Services.
  • Real Time Video Monitoring and Control Systems (Fever Screening, Thermal Technologies, AI, Deep learning algorithm).
  • Early Warning & Distress Signaling. • Any Automation Requirements.